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Create Video Cover Letters

Create a short 1 minute or less video to showcase your expertise to employers.

Apply for Jobs

Use your video to apply to jobs and set a default video so employers can find you.

Receive Interview Invitations

Employers can chat and schedule interviews with you right inside the app.

Stand out from the crowd

The Elevator app can increase your chances of getting hired with a personalized video cover letter.

  • Chat with employers

    Employers can initiate chats with job seekers for easy communication.

  • Customize your videos

    Create a custom video for each job application to show employers your commitment and passion.

  • Resumes are optional

    Elevator only requires basic profile information to match you with the best job listings.

Employers can find applicants quickly

Once a job listing is created, an employer can swipe through matched video cover letters, favorite profiles, chat with matched job seekers, and schedule interviews.

  • Job Listing Created

    Employer creates a job listing that matches potential applicant videos.

  • Interview Scheduled

    An employer favorites your video, views your profile and schedules an interview.

  • You're Hired!

    Your video gave you an edge against the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you match job seeker videos with job listings?

    Job seeker videos are matched with job listings based on their skills, education, experience and desired jobs.

  • How do employers find my video cover letter and profile?

    Job seekers have the option to apply directly with a custom tailored video and/or set a default video to be shown to matched job listings. Job seekers don't even need to apply!

  • What do I say in a video cover letter?

    Just like writing a paper cover letter, write down a script to say in front of the camera. For example, introduce yourself, talk about your skills and experience and why you would be a good fit for the job.

  • Is it easy to create my job profile?

    Yes! We only ask basic questions to create your job profile such as overall years of experience in years, latest education and skills.

  • Can I chat with my potential employer?

    Yes! Employers have the option to initiate a chat with you if they want to get more information about you.

  • What if I am nervous to do a video?

    No need to be! There is no rush to create your video. You can re-do clips as many times as you need.

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